Peak Week – Day 4: Mount Sanitas

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Peak Week – Day 4: Mount Sanitas from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo. No records today because of my partner’s failure to bring the speed. Oh well, it was a taper day anyway. That’s the end of the assault on the Boulder peaks and corresponding video diary. Tomorrow is a rest day and then off to Mt. Evans on Saturday morning. … Read More

Chautauqua, Doggie-Style

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Distance 2.51 miles Time 1 hr 33 min Elevation Gain 697 feet When a woman is in her first trimester of pregnancy, it is a challenging time. Trying to eat. Nothing tastes good. Puking. Feeling nauseous. So I figured our hikes would be on hiatus for a little while. However, over the holidays, I got the dogs something special for … Read More

Fashion Statement

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I keep washing the dogs and wondering why they stink after. It was their collars! They were old and ratty. So I ordered up some fresh new Spiffy Dog Collars from Steamboat. We picked up a pair of these collars years ago and loved them. So I went with some new styles for this go around. Here is Dakota sporting … Read More

Longmont Dog Swim 2008

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My dogs aren’t water dogs. It is the breed. But for the 2nd year in a row, we went to the annual dog swim to get them wet. After they close the city pools for the summer, they remove the chlorine and then let the dogs have the pool to themselves for an evening. Its a crazy place! Dogs running … Read More

Longmont Dog Swim

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After the pools close for the season, Longmont neutralizes the chemicals and has a dog swim party! My dogs being Beagles are not that into swimming. But just as my Mom threw me in the pool, I return the same favor to my dogs! Here they are trying to paddle around. They aren’t as into it as the labs who … Read More