Mount Sanitas with Kim, Kayla, Wyatt

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Weather is cooling and Kim and I need to get back into our hiking program. She has been out of town for the last few weeks and it was too cold on another. This week — it is on! However, Kim and I realized last night that our Friday hike this week would be preempted by a program at Sydney’s … Read More

Wyatt: OK

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Since Wyatt got out of the hospital, we had him back for another x-ray. The mass was still in his belly region. What is it? The only way to tell was to get him in for an ultrasound. We spaced this stuff apart because I felt like it was some remainder of his trauma…and not cancer. Kim took Wyatt in … Read More

Back Where He Belongs

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As I try and return to work today, my co-worker is here with me. I picked Wyatt up at 7:30 this morning upon discharge from intensive care. He started eating late last night. That was the final gate to cross. He is on a full set of meds — reminding me of Dakota. In fact, I was supposed to go … Read More


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Wyatt is on his feet now! They think he ate something toxic and caused severe gastronitis(?). I got to take him outside and he squirted blood out of his butt. A lot of it. He isn’t eating yet either. Hoping for a big recovery once it passes. Still a few loose ends to tie up…like what is the mass on … Read More


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In “you have got to be fucking kidding me” news — Wyatt is in the animal hospital tonight. Literally, 2 weeks to the day that I took Dakota to the hospital to put an end to her pain, Wyatt sits in the room next door being treated by the same vet. Last night, he vomited some clear liquid. It continued … Read More