I Love You, Wyatt

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Today, I said goodbye to my friend. A few weeks ago, Wyatt started having more difficulty because of his kidney disease. We lost Dakota almost 3 years ago to the same sickness so we had an eye for the symptoms. We changed out his food to yet another level of kidney-friendly diet. We hoped for the best. But we got … Read More

Rest Day

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Stayed the course and didn’t lace up today. Its strange. Feels like there are just so many more hours in the day. Not quite sure what to do with them at times. I am not good at relaxing. Trying to learn a bit from Wyatt though.

Happy Decade, Son

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Today was my son’s 10th birthday! The girls said he should get a bacon cheeseburger so that’s what he got. With candle and all! They sung to him too. In previous years, we would usually remember his birthday about a week late and be like “oh well, he is a dog”. But this year, we didn’t forget to celebrate his … Read More

Hike: Gregory Canyon (1.99 mi)

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This morning we woke up to a full on spring-ish snow storm. Big dump of 5-10″ but it was melting on the streets. I would be soaked if I ran and my dirt roads are no good on these days. I could go down to the treadmill. Nah. I could take a rest day. Nah. How about a dog hike? … Read More

Hike: South Mesa Trail (3.13 mi)

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Fall hiking series continued today with short loop on the Mesa Trail. Kim’s knee is hurting so we wanted to stay off the big log steps as much as possible. The weather is definitely cooling so I want to be sure we get out when we can before it gets too cold for a baby out there. We headed up … Read More