Line Up Change

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This past weekend while running the Fat Ass 50K in Colorado Springs, JP, my two-time pacer at Leadville decided that he needed to enhance his own race schedule for June. This means that he would no longer be available to come to Squaw and play. I wished him well. After 2 grueling Leadville pacing stints that included everything from dressing … Read More

Golden Ticket

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Still feeling sort of like Charlie in Willy Wonka… Probably should start planning a bit this week on logistics. When do we leave? Where do we stay? Who’s coming? Who’s pacing? Who’s crewing? Who’s running? Oh wait. Any tips appreciated.

Finding Purpose

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Since Leadville, I sort of feel like that guy might. Searching for that source. What’s next? I really didn’t know. I put my name in the lottery for two of the most well known 100 mile races for 2012. I signed up for Leadville again. Those were obvious steps. But I also wanted more. Maybe I should get on a … Read More

Pick Me, Pick Me

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There was no doubt in my mind… The Western States 100 has become the ultrarunning Superbowl, if we have such a thing. Its legendary. And with my finish at Leadville this year, I got myself a qualifier. However, lots of people want to run this race so there is a lottery to select the 369 runners. And a handful of … Read More