WS100 Planning

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I figured if I asked my crew where I would see them, but they would turn it on me and say “Where do you need US?”. Well, here is my first stab at it. Veterans of the race can critique if we are too much or too little and how we will be on time. There are 25 aid stations/checkpoints … Read More

WS100 Crew Follow-Up

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My friends and crew have been popping me questions via chat and email and live phone conversations. Totally violating the “put in on the blog” rule. So I bring you the next installment of “Ask the ultrarunner”. Q: Who will be responsible for toilet paper? A: Natalee. She will prepare some small rolled up pieces that will go in a … Read More

WS100 Crew Instructions

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I am lucky enough to have many folks coming out to support my effort at Western States this year. Some new faces, and some old. I think it will bring some excitement to the day having them all there. But everyone is starting to ask me the same question…what’s my job? Ah, that’s easy. Get me to the finish line! … Read More

Its Almost Time

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Its June! I can’t believe after all the waiting, we are almost to the big day. Eyes on the prize! I have been busy but I need to get off my ass and start boring the hell out of you know talking about this race. I have been too easy on you so far. I want you to start saying, … Read More

Bib #190

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I have been cleared to run! All 3 boxes are now green. And the bib assignment. Meh. When they asked me what number I wanted on the form, I entered #666 but I guess they don’t print them that high.