Apache Wicket Cookbook

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Wicket has been apart of my workday for quite a few years now. I wanted to give back somehow. Today, it finally arrived! I was contacted last summer about this project and I accepted right away. I was excited to work with Igor Vaynberg on this book as he is a core committer on Apache Wicket. I frequently have used … Read More

Be Careful With Apache Wicket’s isVisible

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I see this all the time: class MyPage extends WebPage { MyPage() { MyComponent myComponent = new MyComponent(“myComponent”); add(myComponent); myComponent.setVisible(isMyConditionMet()); } } Looks harmless I suppose but issues develop as the code does. A new link gets added to the page. Then the author finds out that they need to re-calculate the visibility of myComponent, so they call it there … Read More

Side Effects of Apache Wicket’s assertModelValue

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Whenever a defect is found in my application, my first thought is always the same — I SUCK. After that wears off in 10 seconds, I move on to wondering how I let it slip through the cracks. Often before even diagnosing what the fix would be, I jump into my unit tests and start coding up a test that … Read More