Lake Wawasee

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As a kid, I spent every summer weekend at Pier 151 on Lake Wawasee.  The “lake” as it was simply known to me was where we went to play in the water.  Boating, skiing, turtle hunting, and more.  As far as things I miss about my birthplace, that’s right up there.  The access to water and the warmth of that … Read More

Run: Enchanted Hills (5.01 mi @ 08:34)

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VFFs. Thought I might loop the lake again but after a mile my hip was not right. Why push it? Just did a few miles near our place to stretch it out and play recovery. Originally, had plans of running from the lake to Fort Wayne (44) but opted not too with the heat, hip, and general lack of desire … Read More

Run: Lake Wawasee (14.54 mi @ 08:05)

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Free 3.0s. Clockwise. Knew the distance this time. Changed the route in one spot. Much hotter and ended up being slower on the loop. Right side hurting for most of the run. Knee and hip. Not sure right now. Maybe just because I am not in my own groove at home. Returned back to the cottage to find 2 girls … Read More

Run: Lake Wawasee (14.45 mi @ 07:45)

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Free 3.0s. Counter-clockwise. Arrived at the lake finally. Was motivated to run nice and steady. Wasn’t sure on the distance but figured I could make it around the whole lake in 2-3 hours. Ended up being less but that was good. Decent roads for most of it. Lots of weird looks. Not too many people run that I guess. Nice … Read More