Wild in Cabo

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We shot some video of the various activities on our last day in Cabo out at Land’s End. See me get my ass kicked by some big waves! 2004-11-27 — Cabo from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.

Phoenix: Rain or Shine

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I flew to Phoenix on Saturday to meet my parents, Herb and Carole, for the NASCAR race. We are fans if you haven’t heard. It rained all morning but stopped for the race to go on as scheduled. If there is one track you don’t expect it to rain at, it is Phoenix. Bad myth. Herb had a corporate gig … Read More

Hummer Happening: Empire Tour Video

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I was pulling video off the camera and thought this was descent footage of our recent outing. It is not the most scenic part of the trip but a cool winding trail up through the forest. This is not an extreme trail so don’t start thinking I am a wuss — I had the whole family with me. Probably more … Read More

84…And Still Kicking Ass

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Not Carole, you idiot….Mimi.  The woman was driven by 2 factors:  1.  Her 25-year old grandaughter climbed a mountain that is 9 feet less in height 2 years ago and Mimi must out do her. 2.  Her 57-year old son decided that he would not make the journey to the top complaining of physical conditions. Mimi On Mount Evans from Brandon … Read More