Run: SuperFlag-Green Mountain (8.65 mi)

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Healed up enough that I was ready for a JV beating today. He is training up for Mt. Evans so he wanted to run SuperFlag today. Fine by me. Hadn’t run it in a year so I was ready for an easy PR I figured. But after the Sanitas incident from earlier in the week, any confidence has been shattered. … Read More

Run: Flagstaff Road (9.11 mi)

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I have been bugging GZ to meet up with me to run since last year. We just never got it done. Plus, GZ was injured for a while and he was sticking to the mill. He did offer to allow me to line my mill up in his garage next to his for a run but I figured I would … Read More

Run: Flagstaff Road (8.14 mi)

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Not 24 hours after I wrote a post saying I didn’t climb enough in March, I get an email from Mr. Uphill, JV, asking to run up Flagstaff Road today. Yes, please. Average grade up the road is 10.3% with a max of 24%. That should do it. Tim also joined us to make it a group run. I use … Read More