Run: Torreys Peak and Grays Peak (7.90 mi)

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Distance 7.90 miles Moving Time 2 hr 24 min Summit Elevation 14,270 feet (GP) / 14,267 feet (TP) Elevation Gain 3,622 feet Route Stevens Gulch GPS Export KML GPX GPS Analysis Gamin Connect Previously, previously. I didn’t know what to do today after Lance had bailed on the bike race. Had Leadville in my plans. Lost motivation so I figured … Read More

Longs Peak (14,255′)

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Distance 14 miles Ascent Time 2 hr 27 min R/T Moving Time 4 hr 32 min Summit Elevation 14,255 feet Elevation Gain 5,542 feet Route Keyhole GPS Export KML GPX GPS Analysis Gamin Connect Previously. Well, that was 2001. It was pre-blog and I later threw up a page just as a marker. My sister had a detailed post on … Read More

Run: Mount Elbert (9.04 mi)

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Distance 9.04 miles Moving Time 2 hr 25 min Summit Elevation 14,433 feet Elevation Gain 4,573 feet Route North Mount Elbert Trail GPS Export KML GPX GPS Analysis Gamin Connect Previously. Yep, 2006 was the first and last time I was on Mount Elbert, the tallest mountain in Colorado. Back in those days, I had vowed to not repeat 14ers … Read More

The Decalibron

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Distance 7.43 miles Time 2 hr 56 min Max Elevation 14,286 feet Elevation Gain 4,031 feet Route Kite Lake Trailhead GPS Export KML GPS Analysis Garmin Connect The Decalibron is a four 14er peak loop outside of Alma, Colorado. It consists of Mount Democrat (14,148 feet), Mount Cameron (14,238 feet), Mount Lincoln (14,286 feet), and Mount Bross (14,172 feet). These … Read More

Return to Grays Peak

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Distance 13.34 miles Time 9 hr 4 min Summit Elevation 14,270 feet Elevation Gain 4,746 feet Route Bakerville/Stevens Gulch It is a known fact that I have boycotted climbing in the winter. Too much complexity. It involves cold weather. Snow is harder to walk in. Yep, yep — ok, mainly I am a baby. I just want to check the … Read More