Run: Green Mountain (5.84 mi)

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First of a series of weekly Wednesday Green outings. Replacing Sanitas for now. Hoping to be ready to pounce come springtime. It was colder than prior days. I found it snowing upon arrival. Tried to be more conservative today to hold energy throughout instead of burning up at the start. Stopped at the cabin for a deuce and moved out. … Read More

A Green Mountain Star-Studded Outing

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Watch the video first! My work scheduled got changed up for today with a longer morning meeting. Plus, I had to hang at the kid’s school after dropping them off and wait for Reagan’s holiday program to start while watching Kayla so Kim could assist in preparations. Busy morning! However, on a whim, I threw my gear in my truck … Read More

An Eldora Day

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We hit the hills again today but took Sydney along for added excitement. I spent the day trying to take her to the next level of skiing. However, I quickly realized that I don’t know how to teach. Ski instructors have all the cute stuff that kids get — french fries, pizza, etc. I am yelling “put outward pressure on … Read More

Return to Grays Peak

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Distance 13.34 miles Time 9 hr 4 min Summit Elevation 14,270 feet Elevation Gain 4,746 feet Route Bakerville/Stevens Gulch It is a known fact that I have boycotted climbing in the winter. Too much complexity. It involves cold weather. Snow is harder to walk in. Yep, yep — ok, mainly I am a baby. I just want to check the … Read More

Green Mountain

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Distance 3.94 miles Time 2 hr 23 min Elevation Gain 1,767 feet GPS Analysis MotionBased Today was the last hike of 2008. We head to the Midwest this weekend for the holidays. So I was in the mood for something to cap off our Fall hiking season. We woke up to weather in the 20s so it felt warm as … Read More