Ski Vail

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Last Monday, for our final ski of the season, we traveled up the road to big resort to let the girls expand their sights. Don’t fret, Cooper. We will return. Anyway, big resort skiing continues to suck. Had to park in a garage and walk the mile to the lift carrying 3 pairs of skis. Boo. Then I was overjoyed … Read More

Ski Cooper

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To celebrate our final weekend of ski season 2012 at Cooper, I got me a GoPro camera so I could properly capture my kid’s performances. The iPhone wasn’t cutting it and the Flip is dead. So I mounted up helmet style and got some Reagan video. This probably isn’t the best ski video you have ever seen. No helicopter stunts. … Read More

Ski Weekend

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Natalee came to visit for the weekend so it was time for my annual trip where I strap on the skis and go down the mountain. I have said this before but I like to ski but the barrier seems to be high enough where its hard to draw me out of the house to do it anymore. Lots of … Read More

Big Day On The Slopes

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Natalee was ready for her 2nd day on the slopes after giving her butt a day to recover from what is snowboarding. Being that it was Saturday, I asked Sydney if she wanted to give it a go. In years past, skiing has been fun — for about an hour — with her. Lots of work to get a kid … Read More


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My sister, Natalee, is in town for her annual ski visit. We have a pretty solid routine but this year we are going to switch it up a bit. The longer I live here the less I find myself skiing. Just some combination of traffic, cost, and other things to do in the snow have kept me off the mountains … Read More