Closing Day

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While our usual Ski Cooper closed weeks ago, other Colorado resorts stay open longer. Usually post-Spring Break, I have no interest in skiing. I am waiting on warm weather! But this year, I had a desire for one last run. So with a large snowstorm dropping a lot of powder, we headed up to Cooper Mountain for their Closing Day! … Read More

Somewhere I Belong

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Spent the past weekend in Leadville. What is happening to the snow? I swear there was zero accumulation since we were there 2 weeks earlier for the New Years Holiday. Let’s get on that. The winter started strong but it is kind of fizzling out now. I didn’t even have to shovel on arrival. I took the dogs for a … Read More

Start It Off Right

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It has been a bit cold up here in the mountains. Daily temps have even stayed negative a few times. But that didn’t stop our friends, the Osters, from coming out to ski. Fresh snow but chilly temps today. One person cried because their toes were so cold. But we survived. Another ski day in the books!

Ski Weekend

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With a 4 day weekend and Natalee and Chad in town, the girls got some more time on the slopes. I got my first pair of new googles in like a decade so I was excited to be sporting my new iridium lens. Nobody can see my eyes now. Kayla said its creepy. This was my ski buddy. We have … Read More

Ski Cooper

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A productive first weekend of the 2013 ski season with my chicas. I dropped my pole off the lift minutes after this photo and had to go retrieve it solo. The girls headed down another route by themselves and I joined them later. Crazy…I remember when they couldn’t ski. Probably more proud of this than teaching them how to ride … Read More