Seether @ Boulder Theatre / Boulder, CO / 2017

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I hate to say this but this might be the only show I didn’t need to see this summer. It was the night before school started for the kids and it was pretty flat. After seeing shows with 20-30 songs from other bands, these guys put on a pretty standard set with 15 songs and called it early. Stoke the … Read More

Seether @ Ogden Theater / Denver, CO / 2013

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It was a dry summer for rocks shows in Leadville. So its time to get back to what inspires me back down in the Front Range. While all the pot heads were out watching DMB @ Dick’s, the real rock show was downtown last night at the Ogden. The Ogden is my favorite venue in Colorado. Yeah, Red Rocks, sorry. … Read More

Seether @ Fillmore / Denver, CO / 2012

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If you keep asking, once in a while, you get lucky. So I always ask Kim if she wants to go to rock shows with me. I usually get a big “nah” and then come home to find her asleep or in bed watching some chick flick. What happened to the girl that introduced me to Metallica? I guess she … Read More