Boulder Skyline Traverse (14.18 mi)

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JV proposed something longer for today. We are in a bit of a warm weather streak in Colorado this week. So I said let’s do it and took the day off work so there were no time constraints. The obvious choice was the full traverse. I attempted a partial version of this last summer under my own round trip powers. … Read More

Run: Mount Sanitas x 2 (7.21 mi)

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Opted for Sanitas today since it is the most runnable peak right now. Wanted to run. Felt like it was going to be a fast day but didn’t have it in me about 1/2 up on the first loop. Came back down East Ridge. Fell once because I was dumb. Went for loop 2. Finished by doing Dakota Ridge a … Read More

Run: Mount Sanitas x 2 (5.32 mi)

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Call me Mr. Excuses. Met JV. Figured this would be an easy PR day. Nice weather, fast pacer — all set. Not. My fault — ran hard all week and only slept 4 hours last night while waiting for Kim to get home from the New Moon premiere. Then I was up at 7 AM and busy till the run. … Read More

Run: Mount Sanitas x 2 (6.08 mi)

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Back to Sanitas. Thought it might be a PR day. However, I was set on not being so jerky on the throttle today. Much more smooth. So I went out that way to see how it would feel and play out. I felt like I ran more of the hill today and I was finally able to get some decent … Read More

Run: Mount Sanitas x 2 (6.10 mi)

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My heel is healing but not fast enough. I am putting Neosporin on it constantly now. I sleep in a sock so it doesn’t leak all over the bed. It hurts when I start moving because its all hard. Then it breaks open and I can flex it. So I put an Activ-Flex Band-Aid on it, wrap with some tape, … Read More