A Sanitas Reunion

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I picked up this guy and we hit Sanitas today along with my dogs. Decent day but a bit windy when we got down there. I haven’t run with JV in months. Everybody has been busy, hurt or on hiatus. Enough of that! First mountain run with the new watch. One cool thing it does is that it communicates via … Read More

Meet Us On Mount Sanitas (3.88 mi)

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Last weekend, we were watching videos and the kids saw one where Reagan and I climbed up Sanitas in September 2009. Should we do that again? I carried her up until the rocks on that one but I figured she was old enough to hike it herself now. Sydney hadn’t been there so she was excited about climbing up all … Read More

Run: Mount Sanitas x 2.5 (6.80 mi)

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Back over to the baby mountain today. Lots of people out. Parking lot was full. Still not feeling so great in the morning. Kim has my symptoms now so I am confirming it was some sort of cold and I passed it on to her. Still lingering in me. Knew that today wouldn’t be record pace. Pushed it pretty good … Read More

Run: Mount Sanitas x 2 (6.82 mi @ 15:26)

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Been wanting to get back over to my nemesis from last fall. Felt like a good morning. Lucho was supposed to show but he apparently blew up a bridge as an excuse to not show. A little warm up and then I motored up the trail keeping HR at LT or higher. Was not focused on the time at all. … Read More