Rev Theory @ Fillmore / Denver, CO / 2011

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Tonight was KBPI’s Mistletoe Jam; Plan B. Plan A was last weekend with GnR. Did 10 people even go to that show? Check out the pictures of Axel. Anyway, this was the true Christmas rock show tonight. 6 bands. $10 ticket. Extreme Turbo Smash WTF. A band appeared on stage in animal costumes and started playing some hard core metal. … Read More

Rev Theory @ Bluebird Theater / Denver, CO / 2011

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Previously, I took my eldest daughter to see this band. That was a great day. My sister, Natalee, was in town for a ski weekend. It just so happened to be the weekend that Rev Theory was coming to town. I had taken her to a metal show back in December after NF50. But that was in SF. This was … Read More

Rev Theory: Small Acoustic Show

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Tonight is Cruefest. I am not going. You couldn’t pay me to watch Motley Crue. However, a bunch of other bands on the bill that I like and/or love. However, I am on hiatus this month from shows given the impending childbirth. So no show for me tonight. Well, last night, I was poking around and found out that my … Read More

Puddle of Mudd @ Ogden Theater

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After today’s climb, I ended up taking a 2 hour nap and then it was down to Denver for a little rock show. The concert was at the Ogden Theater. It is like a block away from the Filmore, where I have seen many shows, but never been here. Its even smaller! Great tight venue to see a band. I … Read More