Denver Marathon 2007

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Distance 26.2 miles Time 03:59:19 (PR) Pace 9:08 Rank 494 of 1563 GPS Analysis Strava Today was the day I had been waiting for. After getting sick and not being able to finish last year and a so-so finish at my first marathon in May, I was trained and ready. Grading myself, I probably did a A- on my training … Read More

Boulder Half Marathon 2007

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Distance 13.1 miles Time 01:45:44 (PR) Pace 8:04 Number of Runners 1332 GPS Analysis Strava My 2 big races of the season are upon me. Today was the first — the Boulder Marathon. This used to be known as the Boulder Backroads but no longer. And I didn’t run the marathon, just the half-marathon. I have run this race the … Read More

JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge 2007

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Distance 3.50 miles Time 25:07 (PR) Pace 7:11 Number of Runners 5340 GPS Analysis MotionBased I happened to be in town for this event. I was pretty excited to participant in this activity with co-workers. I have been on my 6 days per week running training all summer but its all solo. Fun to have other co-workers to run with … Read More

Leadville Heavy Half Marathon 2007

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Distance 15.5 miles Time 3:26:20 Pace 13:14 Number of Runners 141 GPS Analysis Strava After my finish at the Ascent, I decided that I had enough miles under my belt to run my first race in Leadville. To me, Leadville symbolizes lots of great things to do in Colorado. But first and foremost, I think of running when I think … Read More

Mount Evans Ascent 2007

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Distance 14.5 miles Time 3:34:03 (PR) Pace 14:46 Number of Runners 350 GPS Analysis Strava Today was the day. The race I have been most excited about running all year. I have been wanting to run a decent length race at elevation. When I read about the Mount Evans Ascent, I knew it was the one. Its America’s Highest Road … Read More