Spring Break 2010

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Well, we made it back home. Whenever I go to Hawaii, I always remember why I don’t go often — that’s a long flight over there. Oh well. The travel groans go away in hours and all you are left with is great memories. I think everyone really enjoyed themselves this year. Our annual beach trip has been Mexico-centric for … Read More

I Am On A Boat

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When the kids said they wanted to go whale watching, I could only think of one thing — I am getting my Boat Badge because I am on a boat, motherfucker. If you don’t know what “I am on a boat” means AND why foursquare is awesome, then 2 strikes…please go about your business elsewhere. Diamond Head is off to … Read More

Run: Diamond Head (7.42 mi @ 09:08)

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Last run in Hawaii so I went back to my steady but took the short route since I didn’t have a ton of time and wanted to take it easy after yesterday. Ran the quick way to the crater and got up and in. Tons of tourists again. Made my way through them quite well until I got backed up … Read More

Another Surf Day

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We spent the whole day after my run at Kuhio Beach Park. Kim and I enjoy it there for many reasons. I knew I wanted to get out on the surfboard again. So once we exhausted all our other activities for the day, I went and got another hour long board rental. Sydney did not want to go today. That … Read More

Run: Koko Crater (21.80 mi @ 08:56)

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Koko Crater from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo. Coming to Hawaii, I was excited to do my final long run of the training cycle here. Seemed like a good sea level test. However, I started finding out that any speed gain tended to be negated by heat and humidity and a general “I am on vacation” attitude. As the days in … Read More