Mac App Store Fails For Plugins

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Given the success of the App Store on the iPhone, it was no surprise it would come to the Mac. So I figured I ought to try and put my Now Playing plugin into the App Store. See if it generates some additional revenue over my direct web site sales. Bad news. Doesn’t work for plugins. I kind of had … Read More

More Now Playing Love

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I spent part of the day ignoring family and upgrading the Mac OS X plugin to a later version of the iTunes API. This gave me access to additional fields that people have been asking for like playCount, rating, and composer. It also moved the strings to unicode so I can support international characters. I brought over some of the … Read More

Now You Can Post Your Music On Twitter

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Now Playing users come in all forms. Some are sophisticated web users that build cool stuff on top of it. While others feel like they have conquered the world by getting a PHP file uploaded to their server. Often I get requests for easier ways to post your music history other than working in PHP. I was thinking — why … Read More

Now Playing: A Winamp Plugin

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I gave up. Moved to open source on GitHub. Other Editions: iTunes for Windows | iTunes for Mac OS X | Windows Media Player Contents Overview Installation Instructions Configuration Schema Frequently Asked Questions Purchase Download Version History Contact Overview The Now Playing plugin allows you to easily publishing what you are listening to! The end result is something that could … Read More