Now Playing Supports Mac OS X Lion and iTunes 10.4

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On July 20th, Apple released Mac OS X Lion. As a part of this release, they also released iTunes 10.4. Shouldn’t have been a big deal but it was a huge change for plugin developers. From the knowledge base: iTunes is now a 64-bit Cocoa application on OS X Lion and includes a number of important stability and performance improvements. … Read More

Facebook Bans Getting People Angry

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I had sent in my article about Now Playing being banned but it never got any attention. Now it seems that some higher profile sites/tools/apps are getting banned and people are angry: Facebook’s Ban Bot Leaves Some Developers Baffled (And Angry) I have been getting itchy to lower the rate limit again but hoping this little news helps Facebook re-examine … Read More

Facebook Bans Now Playing Plugin, Round 2

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On April 14th, the plugin was banned. On April 26th, I restored the plugin under new policies with a new release. On April 27th, the plugin was banned…again. On April 27th, the plugin was restored…again. The email I got: Subject: Application Now Playing Plugin has been disabled Hi, We’re committed to providing a positive user experience on Platform while also … Read More

Now Playing Plugin Returns To Facebook

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Previously. Here we go again. After giving it some time to settle, I decided the best course of action was to re-enable the Facebook integration. I didn’t want to remove it because people do use it. However, its been the most time consuming integration I have done and bringing it back required even more time. I want to explain the … Read More

Facebook Bans Now Playing Plugin

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Yesterday, I was suddenly locked out of my Facebook account. I had to go through a series of security steps to regain access. Looking at pictures of friends and had to identify them by multiple choice. Really? When you show me a baby picture of someone I barely know and have me choose if they are 1 of 6 people … Read More