Hike: Green Mountain (5.26 mi)

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I was all excited to show Natalee what Green Mountain was all about — until we got dumped on last night. But hey, you come all this way — let’s make the most of it. We picked up JV on the way into Boulder. Never could see Green Mountain the entire drive in. It was shrouded in some snowy fog. … Read More


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My sister, Natalee, is in town for her annual ski visit. We have a pretty solid routine but this year we are going to switch it up a bit. The longer I live here the less I find myself skiing. Just some combination of traffic, cost, and other things to do in the snow have kept me off the mountains … Read More

Ready To Race

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Where are we? I’ll tell you where. Where the air is thin. Where the water is clear. Where the mountains are high. Someplace cool. A place where the Gatorade flows like wine. Where runners instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. A little place called…Leadville. Arrived around noon and hit my favorite Mexican spot in town for taper-safe tacos. Then … Read More

Family Hike at Panorama Point

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Natalee and Kyle were set to leave this afternoon. The weather was supposed to be wet this morning but we awoke to sunny skies. Anyone want to hike? Figured Kyle thought we were nuts. Can’t we sit still? Uh, nope. So we packed up the kids, the dogs, and the guests and headed out for a quick hike. But some … Read More

An Eldora Day

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We hit the hills again today but took Sydney along for added excitement. I spent the day trying to take her to the next level of skiing. However, I quickly realized that I don’t know how to teach. Ski instructors have all the cute stuff that kids get — french fries, pizza, etc. I am yelling “put outward pressure on … Read More