Run: Mission Peak (5.83 mi)

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Nice and cool in the fog. Legs were shredded though. Let HR drift down 3-4 bpm vs. the other day. About a minute slower to the top. Downhill sucked as my heels are beaten to shit from the 110s on the downhill here from Tuesday. Needs to bring 1010s next time for max descending speed. I went 5.83 miles with … Read More

Run: Mission Peak (6.11 mi)

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Well, I got a comment on my last post then another co-worker confirmed it — rattler! The variety was a Western Diamondback. The colors and markings look much more inline upon review. The tail went from a blend of brown to those white/black rings at the end. Plus, I had seen the yellow rattles. Feels like a perfect match. So … Read More

Run: Mission Peak (5.81 mi)

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Felt amazing running uphill in the 8s at times with no perceived oxygen intake issues. All was good until I came around a corner running the tangent (close to the edge) and I suddenly looked down by my feet and about pissed myself! Just laying right there right on the side of the trail. I did not scream like a … Read More

Run: Mission Peak (5.83 mi)

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Back in San Jose. They are in the middle of a cold and wet spell here. But it was not raining when I got up at 6 AM to run. So I headed over to Mission Peak and found the trails to be a bit muddy in places but totally runnable. It was dark until I was near the top … Read More

Run: Cisco to Mission Peak and Back (21.73 mi)

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I found out late last week that I needed to be back in California this week. I scheduled all my travel as usual but over the weekend it was denied because of an approval timing snafu. So on Monday, I was alerted to this and re-booked the travel. Unfortunately, due to the immediate departure and increased cost, my boss’s boss … Read More