Metallica @ Mile High / Denver, CO / 2017

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It had been too long since there was a Metallica stadium tour. For me, it was the show of the summer — even though I have watched like every concert they do on YouTube. Just an old fan boy. And it never gets old. This tour had a set design Metallica had been using the past few years but I … Read More

Metallica: Death Magnetic Tour

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There was no better way to end my 2008 concert season than going to Metallica with Kim. My shift to rock and metal started back in 1991 when my girlfriend at the time (now wife) took me to see a band that I only heard a few times. I left that show a changed man. I have lost track of … Read More

Metallica: Pissed Off About Being Pissed On

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Metallica visited the Mile High City tonight! As you might have guessed, I was there. I think this was the 9th time I have seen them in concert. Cool thing is that I have now seen them 4 times since Sydney was born and she isn’t even 1 year old yet! Man, that’s every quarter. I could get used to … Read More

Metallica: Sure Beats Bowling

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For many years when we were kids, my family would go bowling on New Year’s Eve. Man, was that fun. You got to party with the adults and bowl all night long! But last night here in Vegas had to move into the number one spot on my list. We headed out from our hotel and walked down the center … Read More