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What is the significance? My new favorite number? The US Patent Office finally got off its butt and issued our patent yesterday. This is a long long long process that takes forever. I suppose they can’t just rubber stamp these things through but years later its a small consolation that it actually gets issued. You can read all about 6,915,331 … Read More

MeetingPlace Finally Does Video

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The Cisco press machine is now starting to publicize the release of MeetingPlace that my team finished up last month. Cisco adds videoconferencing to MeetingPlace – IT World Cisco launches video conferencing package – ComputerWeekly.com Cisco adds video to conferencing suite – ZDNet.com Now when people ask me what we build and they go “Oh, like video conferencing?”, I can … Read More

MeetingPlace Deskbar

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Current version is released on 2004-05-22 Contents Overview Installation Instructions Frequently Asked Questions License Download Version History To Do Contact Overview A few years ago, I worked with Eric to develop a MeetingPlace browser toolband for Internet Explorer. Now, Google has gone and developed the desktop toolbar that everyone is talking about. So I decided that MeetingPlace needed one … Read More