Leadville Trail Marathon 2009

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Distance 26.2 miles Time 5:55:36 Pace 13:38 Rank 108 of 267 Max Elevation 13,188 feet Elevation Gain 6,693 feet GPS Analysis Garmin Connect Previously, I explained the allure of this race and the town. So we got to Leadville and had a good pre-race day. Woke up after a restless sleep and was ready to race. Put down just a … Read More

Denver Marathon 2008

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Distance 26.2 miles Time 3:35:32 (PR) Pace 8:13 Rank 262 of 1719 GPS Analysis Strava I have never run a good Denver Marathon. In its inaugural year, I got sick and just finished a 1/2 marathon and proceed to puke. In year 2, it rained the entire race and that wasn’t fun. So this year had to be better! I … Read More

Pikes Peak Marathon 2008

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Distance 26.2 miles Time 7:05:43 Pace 18:05 Rank 292 of 630 finishers Summit Elevation 14,115 feet Elevation Gain 7,815 feet Route Barr Trail GPS Analysis Strava There are basically 3 ways up Pikes Peak: drive up, take a train up, and hike up. I have driven up a few times. I have taken the train up once — do that … Read More

Colorado Colfax Marathon 2008

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Distance 26.2 miles Time 4:12:47 Pace 9:39 Rank 199 of 488 GPS Analysis Strava Here is the short story: I bonked hard. The Colorado Colfax Marathon underwent a lot of changes this year including a new course. I had never run it before so I thought it would be a good May marathon. After I had already signed up, I … Read More

Napa Valley Marathon 2008

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Distance 26.2 miles Time 03:49:17 (PR) Pace 8:45 Rank 496 of 1757 GPS Analysis Strava Most people come to wine country to relax…not this weekend! When we lived in California, we came up to Napa/Calistoga a few times to do the usual: wineries, mud baths, fancy dining. However, this year Napa was my winter target. I decided that I need … Read More