Judgment Day

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Previously. Today was the next phase of testing in the ongoing lung saga. I was sort of excited about doing this test because I had done it prior in 2010 a month before Boston so I had some data to compare against. I hoped that some exciting discovery would come out of this test. Nothing has happened in tests at … Read More

More Blowing

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Previously, previously. Another appointment at the pulmonologist. A few different things on the docket for today. First up, another breathing test. Same deal as last time. Breath normal and then you take a huge fast breath and then exhale painfully long. Then you do it again after sucking on some albuterol as seen above. Well, here are the numbers for … Read More

Exhale As Hard As You Can

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Previously. Today was the next visit to the pulmonologist. It started off with a breathing test. They had me stop all drugs 24 hours before. I put a tube in my mouth and she clipped my nose and had me sit and breath normally. Then when she said go, I had to breathe in real fast and then exhale as … Read More

Next Step

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I finally had my appointment yesterday with a highly recommended pulmonologist after a month of waiting to get in. He is a busy guy. For the days leading up to it, I was sure to get some normal solid runs in around my usual loop. And confirmed I had my normal reaction to it each day. Hacking out a lung … Read More