Leadville Trail 100 Run 2015 Pacing

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Shad Mika moments after finishing as a big buckle Leadman. Taking off the gloves like he just whooped someone’s ass. Well, that was a different way to spend a week. For the last five years, I have spent as much of August as possible in Leadville. I hosted night runs. I had gatherings. I tapered. I raced. Not this year. … Read More

Leadville Trail 100 Run 2014

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Distance 100 miles Elevation Gain 14,541 feet Time 29:44:41 Rank 335 of 360 finishers/690 starters GPS Analysis Strava Son of a bitch. This race and I are like a bad couple. We just can’t get along but we still keep going out hoping to make it work. The lead up to the race seemed near perfect. Had everything dialed in. … Read More


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The halfway point at Leadville is a place called Winfield. Its an old ghost town that comes to life with droves of people on race day. Its the hardest place on the course for crews to get to. And its one of the easiest spots for runners to call it a day. The “Leadville 50” as we call it at … Read More

Annual Unofficial LT100 Night Run 2014

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Previously, previously, previously, previously. The tradition continues. Another night run in the books! Kim and I opened up our home to runners seeking to compete in the Leadville Trail 100 in two weeks for a final preparation run. We run from Fish Hatchery along the course until we intersect with my house. Then we treat the runners to a warm … Read More

Ultras: Times Are Changing

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About a week back, the Western States 100 board changed their qualifying list to basically kill off the 50 milers that they had. Many had asked for this change over the past few years to ease up the lottery pressure. I was one. I thought it was a good move. Western States is the original and its limited in size … Read More