This Week In God

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Previously. The view from behind my house out to Longs Peak in the distance. They planted sunflowers for the first time since we have lived here. Its a cool sight. I haven’t covered much on this topic in a while. For those of you new to it and that care about anything other than running, here is a quick recap. … Read More

Run: Del Camino (9.11 mi @ 07:37)

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Alternating loops now daily. Never felt on today. Slow and sluggish. Probably from a little lack of sleep plus a harder day yesterday. JV pinged me about going to Green first thing but I couldn’t get away today. The mountains are becoming harder to get to these days. Oh, summer — when will you return? Over the last few days, … Read More

This Week In God

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Randomly, someone that doesn’t live around here will ask me — what’s up with the mega-church being built in your backyard? I guess I hadn’t mentioned. Well, probably my last update told you it was approved in Weld County. A lawsuit was filed by various homeowners and we lost that. It was about a violation in the way the notification … Read More

Holy Rubber Stamp

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I had the pleasure of attending another part of the public process in the LifeBridge saga. If you recall, this is the deal where they are building a “church city” behind our community. LifeBridge is going through a new round of rezoning because they have made some major changes to the plan which require starting over in essence. About 20 … Read More

Religious Fanatics

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I haven’t done a “church city” update in a while. Lots has been going on. We are just on the outskirts of the city of Longmont here. Its coming closer and closer quickly. Well, the church going in behind us has been on the outs with the city for years. Now because of the project delays, Longmont is starting to … Read More