Leadville Heavy Half Marathon 2015

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Distance 15.1 mi Time 3:08:27 Rank 93 of 549 GPS Analysis Strava Previously, Previously. With summer underway, I relocated up to Leadville to kick off summer training. I had planned to hit a lot of peaks but the extra snow pack kind of crushed my motivation. Plus, it was cool and rainy. However, as the days went on, the weather … Read More

Paved Paradise

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Yes, Joni (and Justin). And we put up a parking lot. So I have been trying to get a driveway put in at the cabin for a few years. No luck. Contractors don’t complete the bid. Or they don’t ever show up. The mountain work ethic always leaves a lot to be desired. So Kim and I are asleep and … Read More

Mosquito Pass

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I would like to blame scheduling reasons on not being back in Leadville as soon as summer started. The knowledge that the snow just hasn’t really receded as much as usual has dampened my motivation. However, the Front Range rains are just as annoying so it was time. Upon arrival, it looks as if there is as much snow up … Read More

Leadville Trail 100 Run 2014

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Distance 100 miles Elevation Gain 14,541 feet Time 29:44:41 Rank 335 of 360 finishers/690 starters GPS Analysis Strava Son of a bitch. This race and I are like a bad couple. We just can’t get along but we still keep going out hoping to make it work. The lead up to the race seemed near perfect. Had everything dialed in. … Read More

Leadville Boom Days Burro Race 2014

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Previously. My buddy, George Zack, and Jack the Burro won the 2014 Leadville Burro Race again! That’s 20+ miles of running — including a trip to the top of Mosquito Pass (13,000′). He won last week in Fairplay at the World Championships as well. One more race next week in Buena Vista to see if he can take home the … Read More