Leadville, Here We Come (Again)

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No miles today. Final taper day. History: I ran my first race in 2005. In 2006, the family took a late summer camping trip to Leadville. This happened to be on the same weekend as the famed Leadville Trail 100. We saw the runners throughout the day as we were off on our own adventures. How crazy?!? I would never … Read More

Change In Plans

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I had planned on running the Leadville 50 again this year but I just can’t find the motivation. What’s the point in shaving an hour off my time? I really wanted to do something that was new and fresh and that I would enjoy. Plus, I am consumed with the marathon distance for now as the desire to BQ grows … Read More

Leadville Silver Rush 50 Mile Trail Run 2008

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Distance 50 miles Time 12:32:14 (PR) Pace 16:09 Rank 97 of 116 finishers/148 field GPS Analysis Strava Where do I start? A few years ago, we were camping in Leadville when we saw portions of the 100 mile Leadville race. I thought to myself, “those dudes are crazy!”. In the years following, I started running more, then started racing, then … Read More

Leadville Heavy Half Marathon 2007

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Distance 15.5 miles Time 3:26:20 Pace 13:14 Number of Runners 141 GPS Analysis Strava After my finish at the Ascent, I decided that I had enough miles under my belt to run my first race in Leadville. To me, Leadville symbolizes lots of great things to do in Colorado. But first and foremost, I think of running when I think … Read More

Adventures in Camping

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Although hesitant, I am starting to get this attitude that its good to do difficult things because then you don’t stress about them anymore. This weekend we left home on Friday afternoon and drove to Leadville to go camping. There is a large lake outside of Leadville called Turquoise Lake. It sits right at the base of Mount Massive. Its … Read More