Run: Green Mountain (9.09 mi)

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Um, where did the Indian Summer go? First snow run of the year in Boulder. There have been dustings of the trails to date but nothing interesting. Finally a small amount of snow to cover the trails and remind us that we are not supposed to run shirtless this time of year anymore. I was feeling pretty off today in … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (8ish mi)

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MT101s. I borked my watch along the way and this came up short by a 1.5 miles or so. Oh well. Big straight line on the GPS map after the Green summit. Was out with Twin Daddy for the first time since the births. Good to see him. He ripped it to the top and came back down to find … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (5.18 mi)

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MT100s. JV and I hit the hill. After a week at sea level and a month away from Green, I felt it. Got worked! Had to walk the upper switchbacks. Need to get back there more often once this travel crap settles down. 43 up. Oh and the god damn bear signs are back up. And JV saw a rattlesnake … Read More

Band of Brothers

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Today we had the pleasure of hosting a “catch up” party in which we invited friends and family to celebrate Kayla’s 1st birthday, my Leadville finish, and the beauty of summer! One big gathering to commemorate it all. 40+ people in attendance with kids and all. Would have loved to expand it even more but my wife couldn’t fit anymore … Read More