Run: Green Mountain (8.45 mi)

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Previously. Might be my last Green of the training season! Got out in the afternoon with JV for shot at a PR. The temps were in the 80s and there was a bit of rain as we climbed. So not the huge temps of days prior so thought that was in my favor. I started off moderate trying to conserve … Read More

Mount Princeton (14,197′)

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Distance 13.35 miles Moving Time 3 hr 30 min Summit Elevation 14,197 feet Elevation Gain 5,199 feet Route East Slope GPS Export KML GPX GPS Analysis Gamin Connect As previously noted, I wanted to work a 14er summit into my Leadville trip this week. I was just going to run over to Elbert but JV said he would come up … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (5.18 mi)

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Back to Green. Chautauqua was full. Geez. Parked on road. Headed to Gregory. Twin-Daddy-4-0 wanted to play tortoise and the hare again. I offered to be the tortoise…again. I headed up without seeing him knowing he was like 5 minutes behind me in traffic. I was sweating buckets up Amp and couldn’t pull my heart rate much over 150. Its … Read More

Run: Green-Bear (12.63 mi)

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Eh. Kim had a meeting this morning so I didn’t get to do my normal morning adventure. No problem. So I mowed the yard, played with the kids, and did some other stuff around the house. Kim brought home some lunch around noon. I was starved so I ate it and cleaned up after everyone else. Go the go ahead … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (9.56 mi)

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I haven’t been to here in 30 days exactly. So given I was actually in town this weekend, I wanted to get back to Boulder. JV and I went up the back at a casual pace. I was working and labored through a few sections. Time away from the hills requires payback. Started spinning my wheels a bit in the … Read More