A Sanitas Reunion

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I picked up this guy and we hit Sanitas today along with my dogs. Decent day but a bit windy when we got down there. I haven’t run with JV in months. Everybody has been busy, hurt or on hiatus. Enough of that! First mountain run with the new watch. One cool thing it does is that it communicates via … Read More

Green Day

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A favorite band. Yet what I also call Tuesdays and Thursdays. At least I keep switching up the route just a tad. Soon I need to venture further south. Today I was lucky to have some company for part of the day. I met JV and Skurka up near the summit. Then JV headed off on some old trail for … Read More

Run: Return to Green Mountain (5.49 mi)

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After months away, it was time to finally return to Green this weekend. Props to JV for bringing the camera. JV, Homie, Tony and I met up. Not the usual path for today. Steep route. I was working. Still suffering from the month off in terms of tightness. Calves hurt on the climbs. Quads on the downs. So I brought … Read More

Run: Bear Peak & SoBo (6.09 mi)

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“Wanna go run at 8PM tonight?”, JV says. That’s like in the dark. OK. More used to running during the day time and I save my headlamp for Leadville. So this was my first Boulder peaks ascent in the dark oddly enough. We spent some time on the run discussing how we would save each other if there was a … Read More

Band of Brothers 2

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Previously. Lucho, JP, Jim, Brandon, GZ, Nick P, JV, Justin, Nick C Last year was a bit of a celebration after the running season ended. This year, I felt like there was no celebration to be had. But leave it to GZ to stir the pot with a seemingly random comment to me…something to the effect of “are we doing … Read More