Rub My Butt

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During the 20 yesterday, the hip was not well. Its not terrible. I can run on it. But it feels like there is a finite distance it will tolerate and surely that number is less than 100. Back for my 2nd massage of the week… My new therapist is working well with me. After the hour on Monday, I went … Read More

Frikin Laser Beams

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When lasers were suggested by Tony, there was only one thought… Sharks with frikin laser beams! I couldn’t be sure the sharks would target the right area so I had to find a way to do this in a more controlled setting. Luckily, my chiropractor, Dr. Larimore, has this laser technology on hand. I recalled him mentioning it to me … Read More

Run: Attempt #4 (7.02 mi @ 07:48)

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Went with LunarTrainers to keep the alternating pattern going. Today was my first time back with my iPod. Started out slow but then the song changed to something fast and I thought, “Why am I not widening my stride?”. I had been mentally running safe and it was time to test things out. So I widened it up and it … Read More

Run: Attempt #3 (5.07 mi @ 09:40)

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This morning went well. Iced it up after real good. Was able to chase the kids around and up and down stairs is no issue. So when it was time to take Syd to gymnastics, I grabbed the VFFs for a 2-fer. Yes, an injured 2-fer. I feel like easy running makes it feel better. It’s stretching out and feeling … Read More

Run: Attempt #2 (5.06 mi @ 09:11)

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Great morning for a longer run…oh I forgot. My leg. I decided to go back to the LunarTrainers for today to get more padding under my feet. Less shock to the injury? Felt decent once again. Took the downhill really slow and carried most of my weight on my other foot. Came back out of it feeling much better than … Read More