What’s Wrong With Me

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Yesterday, I took time out to go for acupuncture to try and address this problem I have been taking about in my butt. I got on the table and laid on my side with my right hip in the air. And as soon as she put her hands on my hip she started laughing. “That can’t be good”, I thought … Read More

She Liked The Balls

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Had to take Kayla with me today on my first follow-up with Jeremy since the shot. She kept busy in the exercise room while we worked on the table nearby. Its been 7 weeks since the shot. Its worn off by now. So I wanted to go back in for a follow up and see what’s next. I can’t quite … Read More

Road To Recovery – The Shot

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Previously, previously, previously, previously, previously. Today was the day. We got Sydney off to school then the rest of us headed down to University of Colorado Sports Medicine for my ultrasound guided cortisone injection to the hip. They required me to bring a driver so it became a family event. As mentioned before, this procedure has some risk associated with … Read More

Road To Recovery – Visit #5

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Previously, previously, previously, previously. Its been a couple of weeks since my last visit with Jeremy. So today was the follow-up and the last in our series of appointments. We sat down for most of it and talked through how things were going. 2 issues with totally different outcomes so I will break them up. Ankle Basically, its back. But … Read More

Road To Recovery – Visit #4

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Previously, previously, previously. Back in the office today. I was supposed to go twice this week but now can only make it once. So Jeremy packed a full hour full of stuff for me. Did the ultrasound on the hip and on the ankle. Talked through mechanics of running while that was going on as well as an in depth … Read More