Indiana Trail Run! HUFF Loop (10.75 mi @ 08:02)

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Some number of months ago, I “bumped” into Ward Moya as we frequented some of the same running blogs. Upon clicking through, I discovered that Ward lived in Fort Wayne — my hometown! What a coincidence. We exchanged some emails, started following each other, and yet another blogosphere running friendship was formed. So on this trip back to Indiana, I … Read More


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Stopped in and visited with my only living grandparent, Mimi. It is great to see her every time. For a while, when we came to visit her, I had that lump in my throat while saying goodbye. Now, I leave with no worries. My kids enjoy spending time with her. But we only see her twice a year these days. … Read More

Late Night Burgers

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After an evening movie, I realized I hadn’t eaten dinner yet. If I was in California, we would hit In-N-Out. But we are Indiana. How about Steak N Shake? Ok, it wasn’t In-N-Out but it was good. But the cooks were definitely cuter! This children thing is starting to pay off. Hey kid, take our picture!

Slipknot @ Mayhem Festival / Indianapolis, IN / 2008

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I was a late comer to Slipknot. When I needed motivation for those long runs, Slipknot’s live concert music powered me along. So when I found out they were coming out of hiatus this summer to tour, I was so excited…until I saw the Denver date — July 20th — I had the Leadville 50 that day. SHIT! For a … Read More

500 Festival Mini Marathon 2008

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Distance 13.1 miles Time 1:54:35 Pace 8:38 Rank 5674 of 35000 GPS Analysis Strava So I grew up in Indiana and when I think of Indiana I don’t think of running. Turns out they have the largest half marathon in the country. With my sister living in Indianapolis only 20 minutes from the start line, it seemed like a great … Read More