Mini Hummer Academy

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MedVed, my Hummer dealership, has a track setup out behind the dealership where you can go and test drive a new Hummer off-road. Hell, if you are going to buy a Hummer you might as well test it where it was designed to go. One of the other things the dealership does is put on a monthly Hummer Academy. The … Read More

Hummer Happening: Fall Folliage 2006

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We haven’t been offroading as a family in a while. I have been spending all that time running and hiking in the mountains instead of driving up them. Well, today, our friends at Medved Hummer put on another wonderful Hummer Happening. Remember, these are not extreme offroad adventures — these are family outings — so don’t give me crap about … Read More

Soft Top

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I had seen this online a while back but I saw it in person while visiting the Exploratorium in San Francisco last weekend.

Unsticking B2 In The H2

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I have always been embarrassed about that time I got my family stuck in the snow. So today I was working away and got a call from B2 (Becky) telling me that she was stuck and couldn’t get out. Since you don’t know B2, I will just say that she is very adventurous. This is a girl that gets strangers … Read More

Hummer Happening: Ice Driving

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I have been waiting a long time for this event! Every year we have a conflict. Not this year. Today was the annual Hummer Ice Driving Academy on Georgetown Lake. The day starts with a catered breakfast while learning about ice driving skills. Bill, the guy that teaches the class, has dozens of years in law enforcement and teaches this … Read More