Ultras: Times Are Changing

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About a week back, the Western States 100 board changed their qualifying list to basically kill off the 50 milers that they had. Many had asked for this change over the past few years to ease up the lottery pressure. I was one. I thought it was a good move. Western States is the original and its limited in size … Read More

Hardrock 100 Pacing 2012

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When my pacer, Tim Long, from Western States asked if I could give him a hand at Hardrock, I immediately consulted with my wife, Kim. I expected some type of “more running stuff” rolling of the eyes from her. When our summers seem to revolve around my running schedule, things can get tense. However, I received a curious response. “It … Read More

Payback Is A Bitch

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So pacer Tim is in town yesterday on his way to Silverton. We had lunch. He ate a big plate of onion rings to keep with tradition. After lunch, he asks if I want to go for a little jog on Friday night. A little reorganization here on the home front ensues. H2 gets fixed after weekend issues. The result… … Read More


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I was reviewing this document of posted applicants for HR100 and got sort of excited. Running isn’t that exciting right now but seeing that list, with my name on it, with all the other friends on it, with other big names on it, was pretty cool. Was able to get in line at the big dance. Just not sure if … Read More