Basement Tour

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I finally remembered to take some pictures so we can wrap up project basement. So here is the tour. We finished a total of about 1,000 square feet. No more excuses! The gym is ready to roll. I have been working out in the dark basement on the concrete for a few years now. Made me feel like Rocky or … Read More

HDTV Growing Pains

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Ok, with the theater done, I have been itching to get an HDTV signal in here. We have DIRECTV right now. Unforunately, DIRECTV is on the verge of a complete system overhaul. They just launched one of a couple of new satelites that will offer 500+ new HDTV channels. Currently, DIRECTV only provides a small number of channels in HD … Read More

Wired Weekend

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This past weekend, I spent time wiring up the theater. It was fun work until day 2 where I started breaking everything. Here is the front wall. You can see the left, right and center speakers. I created a box for each of the speakers, backed by particle board. These boxes are 1 cubic foot in volume. That is the … Read More

Every Inch Matters

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This theater thing is turning into so many details. Last night, I spent an hour understand which speaker wire I could buy and which I should buy. You must have specially rated wire for in-wall installations. I ended up with some THX-certified 14 AWG Monster Cable. Should be much better than the stuff I about got at The Home Depot. … Read More

Impedance Breaks The Deal

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I was nearly set on the theater speakers that I was going to buy. Then while doing my final checklist before ordering, I took one last look and noticed something odd with the impedance rating of the speakers. It was 4 ohms. Odd. All the receivers that I have been pricing usually say 6-16 ohms supported. Even a $6,000 receiver … Read More