Scaring Kids

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We have these big dirt piles in our neighborhood. They are left over from construction. We are actively working on removing the dirt. The dirt attracts kids from all over. They ride bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, and even trucks on them. Our HOA continues to try and discourage this because of the liability involved. I always call the sheriff when we … Read More

Water Theft

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Got a call today about lack of water pressure. After an eyewitness report, I went out and found that some folks were jacking our water! In our neighborhood, we (all the homes) pay for the water that comes into our homes and out of the hydrants. We are our own water company, so to speak. So these guys were filling … Read More

Look At My Shaft

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We had a new pump installed in our community pump house today. This is probably our/my biggest HOA accomplishment to date. We had to raise about $40K to do this project. The pump shaft is taller than the damn building it goes in. You can see the shaft went all the way down into the ground. You can see the … Read More

Mediate Me

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Yesterday, I had the privilege of participating in my first mediation. This is another “perk” of the HOA job. We have a large lawsuit pending and normally the parties in such lawsuits will try and meet to arrange a settlement so that you don’t have to go to court. Trials are expensive and time consuming and they take over your … Read More

Kill Me Now

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Had multiple people asking me what I have been up to lately since I have dropped the blogging ball so to speak. Too many things going on especially with the HOA right now. Today, I got an early morning call — I have a lake developing behind my house! Shit. So I go over there and sure enough there is … Read More