No More HOA

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As of Jan. 1st of this year, my 2 terms as the HOA president ended. I opted not to run again. I would become the default president for life if I had. I completed all the things I set out to do. I was going to make a list in this post of all the things I (with help on … Read More

Better Late Than Never

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Its been snowing weekly here in Colorado. This is normal for the mountains but down on the “low lands”, we never get this much snow. And it never stays that long. All the municipalities are way way over budget on snow removal. Lots are getting funding from FEMA I hear. Weld County is supposed to do our roads but they … Read More

Snow Toys

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We brought out the big guns today to clean the streets. However, the downside of the loader is that it can’t scrape the pavement or it would rip up the street. So you get this nice 1 or 2″ compressed snow sheet that is slippery than hell! Last night, one of our plows hit something. They called me. I went … Read More

Election Results

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Not the national races, not the state races, but our HOA election results! I ran for our HOA board in 2004 and got elected for 2005 and 2006. Last night, I ran again and was re-elected. It felt good to get some affirmation that my work is appreciated. However, maybe its appreciated too much. We had 2 other positions open … Read More

Burn, Baby, Burn

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There was this old boxcar in our open space that we needed to get rid. of. Nobody wanted it. So we called the fire department and it turns out they burn these types of things as training exercises from time to time. So we scheduled it and let them come and burn it down! We were standing a good distance … Read More