Chautauqua, Doggie-Style

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Distance 2.51 miles Time 1 hr 33 min Elevation Gain 697 feet When a woman is in her first trimester of pregnancy, it is a challenging time. Trying to eat. Nothing tastes good. Puking. Feeling nauseous. So I figured our hikes would be on hiatus for a little while. However, over the holidays, I got the dogs something special for … Read More

Green Mountain

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Distance 3.94 miles Time 2 hr 23 min Elevation Gain 1,767 feet GPS Analysis MotionBased Today was the last hike of 2008. We head to the Midwest this weekend for the holidays. So I was in the mood for something to cap off our Fall hiking season. We woke up to weather in the 20s so it felt warm as … Read More

Saddle Rock

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Distance 3.03 miles Time 2 hr 02 min Elevation Gain 1,170 feet GPS Analysis MotionBased So we took that one week off when we were at Disney. And then last week, we woke up on hike day and it was snowing and blowing and cold. Neither of us wanted to deal after a week of fun in the sun. So … Read More

Royal Arch

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Distance 3.92 miles Time 2 hr 11 min Elevation Gain 1,981 feet GPS Analysis MotionBased Our fall weather has been really good (as usual). However, we had some wind earlier this week that was messing with my running. So as it died down and we hit a high temp of 70 something yesterday, I was pumped for my weekly hike … Read More

Hall Ranch AKA How I Tried To Kill My Wife

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Distance 9.14 miles Time 3 hr 06 min Elevation Gain 1,931 feet GPS Analysis MotionBased A couple weeks back, Kim and I hiked Mount Sanitas as a start to our weekly fall hike outing. Well, last week it was nasty on Tuesday morning, so we opted to go to the gym and do some weights together. Let’s just say that … Read More