Hike: South Mesa Trail (3.13 mi)

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Fall hiking series continued today with short loop on the Mesa Trail. Kim’s knee is hurting so we wanted to stay off the big log steps as much as possible. The weather is definitely cooling so I want to be sure we get out when we can before it gets too cold for a baby out there. We headed up … Read More

Mount Sanitas with Kim, Kayla, Wyatt

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Weather is cooling and Kim and I need to get back into our hiking program. She has been out of town for the last few weeks and it was too cold on another. This week — it is on! However, Kim and I realized last night that our Friday hike this week would be preempted by a program at Sydney’s … Read More

Mount Sanitas with Reagan

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Kim and Sydney headed out to one of Sydney’s classmates birthday party. Leaving Peep and I with some quality time. I asked her what she wanted to do. She listed a few things like board games in the basements, riding her scooter, and watching a Barbie movie. She doesn’t know her Daddy very well. So I told her we were … Read More

Hike: Mesa Trail (3.82 mi)

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Still tapering. No running. So we hiked! Kim, Kayla, Wyatt and I started up our fall hiking schedule today with a jaunt along the Mesa Trail. Sort of odd to be swapping out Dakota (our former leader) and swapping in Kayla. But we gotta start Kayla young so she is trail-savvy from the start. Kayla was in the baby holder … Read More

Costa Rica – Day 5 – Manuel Antonio

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After I published last night’s blog, we decided to escape the hotel and go out to the main road for dinner. They called a cab for us and a few minutes later we arrived at our dining destination, El Avion. This establishment is based around a C-123 airplane that was bought by US taxpayers as part of the Iran-Contra scandal. … Read More