Kids: Mount Sherman 2012 / Sydney’s First 14er

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Distance 4.92 miles Moving Time 3 hr 18 min Summit Elevation 14,036 feet Elevation Gain 2,397 feet Route Iowa Gulch GPS Analysis Garmin Connect Previously. For the past few years, I have toyed with the idea of taking Sydney up high with me. So I started asking a few years ago and got a solid NO from Mom. But that’s … Read More

Long Lake (2.63 mi @ 30:00)

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So exhausted from today’s workout. I shouldn’t have done something so hard so close before race day. I knew better! I have trained and trained but nothing could have prepared me for the endurance it took to pace 4 women and a fat dog to Long Lake. Only 1/4 the way in, I was tested when Sydney asked “how much … Read More

Hike: Gregory Canyon (1.99 mi)

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This morning we woke up to a full on spring-ish snow storm. Big dump of 5-10″ but it was melting on the streets. I would be soaked if I ran and my dirt roads are no good on these days. I could go down to the treadmill. Nah. I could take a rest day. Nah. How about a dog hike? … Read More

Hike: Green Mountain (5.26 mi)

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I was all excited to show Natalee what Green Mountain was all about — until we got dumped on last night. But hey, you come all this way — let’s make the most of it. We picked up JV on the way into Boulder. Never could see Green Mountain the entire drive in. It was shrouded in some snowy fog. … Read More

Hike: Dowdy Draw (5.01 mi)

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Weekly hiking series continues. I knew trails could be muddy up high this week so I planned for less elevation gain this week so we could stay out of the mud. So we headed back over to Eldorado Springs for a trip from the Dowdy Draw trailhead. The trail was dry except for patches next to snow fields where the … Read More