Another Surf Day

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We spent the whole day after my run at Kuhio Beach Park. Kim and I enjoy it there for many reasons. I knew I wanted to get out on the surfboard again. So once we exhausted all our other activities for the day, I went and got another hour long board rental. Sydney did not want to go today. That … Read More

Run: Koko Crater (21.80 mi @ 08:56)

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Koko Crater from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo. Coming to Hawaii, I was excited to do my final long run of the training cycle here. Seemed like a good sea level test. However, I started finding out that any speed gain tended to be negated by heat and humidity and a general “I am on vacation” attitude. As the days in … Read More

The North Shore

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Woke up to rain on Easter. I ran it and declared it was going to be a crappy beach day. Felt like it wasn’t going to stop. So we decided to rent a car. I went to the concierge and they said that Budget was sold out. This is who they normally contract with. What else is available? She called … Read More

Run: 8 x 800 Brisk wu/cd (8.87 mi @ 07:38)

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Supposed to be a fast set of intervals but I couldn’t kick it up this morning after a late night at the luau. It was mildly to pouring rain throughout the run so I was careful not to slip on the wet sidewalks. Took a tour to the east and then back west to get a full Waikiki loop tour … Read More

Surfs Up

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I had been watching all the boys out surfing the last few days and decided to go and get a closer look. So I rented a 15′ long board and grabbed Sydney and we went for a paddle. There we are out there! We went out as far as the other surfers and hung out watching them do their thing. … Read More