Boulder Half Marathon 2007

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Distance 13.1 miles Time 01:45:44 (PR) Pace 8:04 Number of Runners 1332 GPS Analysis Strava My 2 big races of the season are upon me. Today was the first — the Boulder Marathon. This used to be known as the Boulder Backroads but no longer. And I didn’t run the marathon, just the half-marathon. I have run this race the … Read More

Leadville Heavy Half Marathon 2007

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Distance 15.5 miles Time 3:26:20 Pace 13:14 Number of Runners 141 GPS Analysis Strava After my finish at the Ascent, I decided that I had enough miles under my belt to run my first race in Leadville. To me, Leadville symbolizes lots of great things to do in Colorado. But first and foremost, I think of running when I think … Read More

Denver 1/2 Marathon 2006

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Distance 13.1 miles Time 2:00:00 Pace 9:00 Number of Runners 2000 GPS Analysis MotionBased It wasn’t meant to be. My family has been sick all week. Everything from vomit to diarrhea. Something is going around. Again. These kids bring it home. I haven been sick like once a decade in my lifetime but these last few years are setting a … Read More

Boulder Backroads 2006

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Distance 13.1 miles Time 1:48:18 (PR) Pace 8:16 Number of Runners 2000 GPS Analysis Garmin Connect When I left the Boulder Backroads race last year, I was no longer a running race virgin. I had completed my first half-marathon but I knew I could improve. However, I took a big long break over the winter and that was a bad … Read More

Boulder Backroads 2005

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Distance 13.1 miles Time 1:55:31 (PR) Pace 8:49 Number of Runners 2000 I woke up at about 5:45, showered off, feed the dogs and left the house. It was dark out and it was drizzling rain. Nobody was on the streets. Who gets up this early on a Sunday in the rain? Runners! When I hit Boulder Reservoir, there were … Read More