Leadville Heavy Half Marathon 2015

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Distance 15.1 mi Time 3:08:27 Rank 93 of 549 GPS Analysis Strava Previously, Previously. With summer underway, I relocated up to Leadville to kick off summer training. I had planned to hit a lot of peaks but the extra snow pack kind of crushed my motivation. Plus, it was cool and rainy. However, as the days went on, the weather … Read More

Leadville Heavy Half Marathon 2011

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Distance 15+ Miles Time 2:36:11 Rank 8th Overall; 3rd in Men 30-39 GPS Analysis Garmin Connect Previously. Going into the summer I figured I need to do a couple races before the LT100. So I signed up for the Silver Rush 50. Then figured we would be in Leadville for the 4th of July so I might as well race … Read More

Boulder Half Marathon 2009

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Distance 13.1 miles Time 1:35:26 (PR) Pace 7:18 Rank 41 of 1680 (Top 2.5%) GPS Analysis Strava Boulder, once again. 5th year in a row. Every year a PR. What will this year entail? I started getting more sleep a few days in advance to rest up. I never focused on this before. Always tried to get a great night’s … Read More

Boulder Half Marathon 2008

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Distance 13.1 miles Time 1:38:47 (PR) Pace 7:32 Rank 110 of 1579 GPS Analysis Strava As previously mentioned, I was ready to ditch my trail shoes for some good old fashioned fall road races. The Boulder Half Marathon was my first ever running race of my career 4 years ago. I have run the race annually since then. I am … Read More

500 Festival Mini Marathon 2008

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Distance 13.1 miles Time 1:54:35 Pace 8:38 Rank 5674 of 35000 GPS Analysis Strava So I grew up in Indiana and when I think of Indiana I don’t think of running. Turns out they have the largest half marathon in the country. With my sister living in Indianapolis only 20 minutes from the start line, it seemed like a great … Read More