Run: Green Mountain TT [FR/FR] (5.46 mi)

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We separated the men from the boys this evening. The boys found excuses to stay home. While the men (and a few ladies) showed up and got their run on. Hey, I live for this stuff. Getting together with all the peeps that I spend endless hours reading about, chatting with, commenting on, etc. Its a great time. Wish we … Read More

Run: Green Mountain x 2 (10.35 mi)

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With MLK Day off work, I wanted to get a longer run in. I put out the call for Green and got 3 bites: GZ, CL, and AK. We started up Gregory at 7:30 AM. I set my moderate pace because I knew the 2nd lap was going to be so much harder if I blew it up on this … Read More

BBMM 2009

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Distance 19.02 Time 4:44:30 Pace 14:57 GPS Analysis Garmin Connect The anticipation had been building for weeks. The shit talking was getting more intense. It felt like this year would be a great turn-out for the annual event. However, on Wednesday and Thursday of this past week, we got our first major winter storm. A lot of snow fell. People … Read More

Denver Marathon 2009 / Boston Qualifier

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Distance 26.2 miles Time 3:15:01 (PR) Pace 7:27 Rank 83 of 1924 (Top 4.3%) GPS Analysis Garmin Connect The deed is done. I woke up this morning feeling fresh. Not tired. I just got up on my own about 10 minutes before the alarm went off. My internal clock was counting down. I geared up in my office as not … Read More

Run: Green Mountain Extreme (6.87 mi)

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Started the day with 7 x 800m Fast with Short Recoveries. Nailed them all per the plan. Felt good. Bonked last time I had to do this set and it was defeating. Got some rest and prepared for the 2-fer! Met up with GZ, JV, and Brownieat Boulder Mountain Park for an evening run. Brownie was up in Boulder for … Read More