Leadville Trail 100 Run 2015 Pacing

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Shad Mika moments after finishing as a big buckle Leadman. Taking off the gloves like he just whooped someone’s ass. Well, that was a different way to spend a week. For the last five years, I have spent as much of August as possible in Leadville. I hosted night runs. I had gatherings. I tapered. I raced. Not this year. … Read More

Leadville Burro Race 2013

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Previously. My favorite ass man, George Zack, returned to Leadville today to defend his win last year. But Speedy Jack had other plans apparently today. We caught up with them near the end of the course and followed them in. Regardless of the outcome…and the crappy weather at the end…George always has a smile on and love to play to … Read More

Leadville Boom Days Burro Race 2012

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My main man, George Zack, got into burro racing a few years back. Last weekend, he ended up in 1st place in the race over in Fairplay, CO. Given that confidence builder, he decided to tow the line again this weekend over in Leadville. I was having the night run so I coaxed George into staying here with his family, … Read More

Pacing GZ @ Boulder 100 (7.01 mi @ 20:11)

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I told him not to do it. That was my feedback to GZ as we were walking to the Foo Fighters show last week. Just felt like speaking my mind and letting him do what he wanted to. Maybe the negative viewpoint inspired him to go for it. Maybe I was the detractor. But the next morning on his blog, … Read More

Foo Fighters @ Pepsi Center / Denver, CO / 2011

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Once in a while, the stars do align! See I usually run my concerts by Kim before I buy tickets. Mostly to check schedule conflicts but partly just to see if she is interested. As you may have heard, she was the one that started this whole deal by taking me to my first rock concert eons ago. Anyway, I … Read More